Why Kissan Solar?

Solar Training Center Solar Energy is the Future of the World. The cost of Electricity is being increased day by day. It will not be going to decrease. Eyes of Every Person is on Solar Energy. Because Whatever investment will be done in solar, it will pay back after a couple of years, and after that electricity will be free for them. Solar Training Center

A common situation for people that are only beginning their academic careers. Demand for Solar is very high in India but Supply is very less.

In terms of Solar Faculty, it is very less. There is a very rare solar institute whose focus is on extracting money from you and giving partial knowledge. Your relation with the institute up to Certification. But,
Kissan Solar Education provides you with complete detail on Solar

Vision & Values

Kissan Solar Provides, Technical Learning, Practical Training, Job Opportunities, and Zero Investment Business in Solar Field.
Your Relation with Kissan Solar will valid beyond Certification.
You come to Fresher, will go with a job or Business.

List of Opportunities with Kissan Solar :

  1. Become Faculty of Kissan Solar Education: After training, you need to go through an exam, if you score well you can be part of Kissan solar as Faculty.
  2. Become Business Associates of Kissan Solar Trader: Kissan Solar Trader takes a project of Solar ranges 5 MW to MW. You can be part of Business Associates and take advantage.
  3. Become Authorized Dealer / Distributor of Kissan Solar: You can be part of the Dealer and Distributor of Kissan Solar. It does not matter where you belong; you can start it any PAN India Level.
  4. Take Francizes of Kissan Solar Education / Trader at your Locality:
  5. Become an authorized Dealer / Distributor of Electrical Switchgears: We are also a Manufacturer of Electrical LV Switchgear Products you can be part of it.
  6. Lifetime Member of Kissan Solar: There are a lot of advantages of Lifetime membership of Kissan solar, in terms of Business and Job, and Knowledge Solar Training Center
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Kissan Solar is on Mission to Bridge the Skill gap Between Aspiring professionals and Industry’s demands through job Oriented Courses. We Build Relation beyond Certification. You come to Fresher, will go with a job or Business.

Design Of On - Grid Solar Plant

Live Project Designing at Installation Site. Theory of Net Metering and Process. DC and AC Cable sizing etc.

Design Of Off - Grid Solar Power Plant

Complete Theory and Designing of Battery, Charge Controller. Backup of Battery, etc. 

Design Of Solar Water Pump

Complete Methodology on Designing of Water Pump. Sizing of Dc & Ac pump, Sizing of Pump controller, etc..

Your Future Starts Here.


  1. Constantly reducing non-renewable energy sources (coal, gas).
  2. The cost of electricity per unit will double in the near future.
  3. Demand for power is always on the increase and it cannot be met only by thermal, wind, or hydro power plants because they are not reliable.
  4. The life of a solar panel is 25 years, It produces power constantly. 
  5. It is a one-time investment and the payback is within 7 to 8 years max. So, for the next 18 years, you will produce power at no cost.
  6. Considering all these facts, there is an increase in awareness among Indians, both for domestic and industrialist purposes. 
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