Solar Course In Delhi

Research-Oriented Solar Course

Solar Course In Delhi

This Course Offers a complete Conceptual, Technical on Raw Materials of Solar Cell. This course is designed for Research and Designing of Solar cell way.

Syllabus :

  1. Necessity of PV Module and Energy Scenario
  2. A Complete Study on Solar Radiation for Solar collector.
  3. Fundamentals Concepts of Solar Materials (Semiconductors)
  4. Brief Study on Charges Carriers in Semiconductors
  5. P-N Junction Diode: Overview on Solar Cell
  6. Parameters Should Keep in Mind while designing of Solar Cell
  7. How could you convert Raw Silicon into Wafer of solar cell?
  8. Si wafer Based Solar Cell Technology or Crystalline Solar Cell
  9. Thin Film Solar Cell Technology
  10. Solar PV Module
  11. Balance of Solar PV Systems
  12. Designing of Solar System

Why should you Join this Course ?

a. If you wish to work outside of India or such Solar Unit having manufacturing of Solar Cell from Raw Material i.e. Designing of Solar cell, This course is very much mandatory.

b. For Research Point of view on Solar cell

c. Wish to Increase efficiency of Solar Cell

d. Detail Procedure on Production of Thin Film Solar Cell

e. What are another process to make a solar wafer into a Solar cell

f. Process Flow of Commercial Si cell Technology

g. Parameter which scientist working for increase

Solar Course In Delhi

Full Syllabus : Click Here

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