Solar Course What you will go to learn into upcoming Webinars:

1.    How to design and Optimize your Solar System for your home & offices

a.    Design The methodology of the Solar System

b.    Calculate Size of Different components of Solar System

c.    How do you convert Normal inverter into Solar inverter?

d.    Live Examples to design a Solar System

e.    Calculation of Wire design

f.     How to Cost optimize into the Solar system

g.    Analysis and Optimize Your examples into Solar Off-grid Software

h. Zero Investment Business Proposal on Solar System with Our Support

2.    How do you design the Solar Water Pump (lite techniques & Realistic Technic)?

a.    Design The methodology of Solar water Pump

b.    List of Various Steps to Design Solar Water Pump

c.    Calculate Flow rate, Size of Piped.    How to choose Water Pump

e.    Selection between Submersible and Dc surface pump

f.     Live example for Solar water Pump Design

g.    Calculate Frictional losses, TDH

What is Extra Benefit You are going to Receive:

a.    Complete Notes on what you will study on the webinar

b.   Solar Off-grid Calculator & Optimizer Software

c.    Live Assignment (3 Quantity)

d.   The full Installation video on Solar System at home

e.    Back Support for Solar Consultant

f.     Merit Certificate

g. Zero Investment Business Proposal on Solar System with Our Support

Solar Course

Registration Fee

Job Oriented Solar Course Via OfflineRS 30000/-
Rs 20000
Job Oriented Solar CourseRS 25000
Rs 15000
Solar Off-Grid Battery solar SystemRs 799
Solar Water PumpRs 999

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